AUA Summit - 2018 History Exhibit: Erecting Giants: Medical Memoirs



2018 History Exhibit: Erecting Giants: Medical Memoirs

2018 History Exhibit: Erecting Giants: Medical Memoirs

"Giants" of medicine are those men and women who add great, important and unusual contributions to our specialty. They are not necessarily forged from one achievement, but are often erected from elements of life that include education, mentors, research, teaching, training, exploration and risk. Fortunately, many of these giants (or those who knew them) were compelled to write their memoirs in the effort to teach those who follow them in time, place or practice. We consider their lessons as we advance ourselves, our patients and the future of our field. Such giants inspire us to contemplate our own achievements and ask, "What can I do to build the giant in me?"

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2018 History Exhibit Schedule

Erecting Giants: Medical Memoirs
AUA/William P. Didusch Center Booth Talks
Hall D, Booth #5944

Saturday, May 19 (opens at 9 a.m.)

10 a.m.

Erecting Giants: Medical Memoirs
Michael Moran, MD

11 a.m.

Frere Jacques: Lessons Learned in Early Lithotomy
Sutchin Patel, MD


Marty Resnick, Bastion of American Urology
George W. Drach, MD

2 p.m.

Giants With Revolutionary Influence on Urology: Honored by Philatelic Items
Erwin Rugendorff, MD, PhD

Sunday, May 20 (opens at 9 a.m.)

10 a.m.

German Honorary Members of the American Urological Association
Fritz Moll, MD

11 a.m.

Harvey Cushing and Andreas Vesalius – Hands in Glove
Philip Van Kerrebroek, MD


The Inspiration of Giants
Michael E. Moran, MD

1 p.m.

Urological Giant – E. Hurry Fenwick
Jonathan Goddard

3 p.m.

Au Revoirs – Saying Goodbye and Oeuvres
Michael E. Moran, MD

Monday, May 21 (opens at 9 a.m.)

10 a.m.

Sir David Innes Williams – Founder of the Specialty of Paediatric Urology
Ron Rabinowitz, MD

11 a.m.

German Urological Giant – Leopold Casper
Matthis Krischel, PhD

1:30 p.m.

History Forum
Room 3018, Moscone Center West