AUA Summit - 7th Annual AUA Residents Bowl



7th Annual AUA Residents Bowl

AUA2018 Residents Bowl Judges

Members from each of the eight sections are nominated to judge the Resident Bowl Games. Please the list of this year's judges below.



Lou D'Agostino, MD


John Davis, MD

South Central

Fred Gulmi, MD

New York

David Jarrard, MD

North Central

Ranjiv Mathews, MD

North Central

Victor Nitti, MD

New York

Vernon Pais, MD

New England

Christopher Porter, MD


Glenn Preminger, MD


Jay Simhan, MD

Mid Atlantic

Mark Wakefield, MD

South Central

AUA2018 Residents Bowl Question Writers

The Residents and Fellows Committee would like to extend a special thank you to the following question writers who worked to create challenging and thoughtful questions for this year's event.

David Albala, MD Jeffrey Holzbeierlein, MD Allen Seftel, MD
Dean Assimos, MD Damara Kaplan, MD Alan Shindel, MD
Timothy Brand, MD Jonathan Kiechle, MD Daniel Shoskes, MD
Toby Chai, MD Costas Lallas, MD Puneet Sindhwani, MD
Peter Clark, MD Jodi Maranchie, MD Ajay Singla, MD
Marisa Clifton, MD Matthew Nielsen, MD Brent Snow, MD
Craig Comiter, MD Maria Ordonez, MD Mathew Sorenson, MD
Paul Crispen, MD Anne Pelletier Cameron, MD Chandru Sundaram, MD
Alexander Gomelsky, MD Andrew Peterson, MD Julian Wan, MD
Christopher Gonzalez, MD Ronald Rabinowitz, MD Charles Welliver, MD
Candace Granberg, MD Jay Raman, MD  
Erik Grossgold, MD Hassan Razvi, MD